The EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioner is a first application of our Personal Air Conditioning technology. The system cools or heats ambient air, thus providing a comfortable micro-climate within the riding gear.

The underlying concept is to provide individual and portable air conditioning where and when you need it. Rather than air conditioning large volumes such as a chamber, it is in many cases more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly to provide a comfortable micro-climate for the user directly. And in some cases, it is the only way to go, as with motorcycles.

In the case of  motorcycles, the system may also enhance rider safety by shielding the rider from harsh ambient weather conditions. By reducing heat and cold fatigue, that may impair the rider’s concentration, the rider will be more relaxed and alert on his or her bike.

There are many other markets where such a product is needed and we plan to provide solutions. The current system can also be mounted on ATV’s and other open-air vehicles.

Our Motorcycle A/C System comprises a compact A/C unit and a lightweight air-delivery unit:

The A/C unit employs solid-state technology also used by NASA, rather than conventional and bulky compressor-based technology. Therefore, the unit is compact, requires relatively low power to operate (from on-board electrical system) and is very reliable. Note that the system is compatible with heavyweight motorcycles, as these bikes provide sufficient power and mounting space.

It is also Eco-friendly as it does not use any gases harmful to the Ozone layer and has a very low carbon footprint.

The A/C unit has several pre-set modes: 3 cooling modes, 3 heating modes and 3 ventilation modes. The system is operated by a key-chain wireless remote control unit.

The air-delivery unit is a lightweight vest to be worn under protective gear. Conditioned air from the A/C is driven into the vest via a compact manifold that is installed in the vest. The air is distributed evenly over the torso, generating a comfortable micro-climate under the protective garment. The hose is connected to the vest and to the A/C unit with a quick-disconnect mechanism in case of emergency.